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Fresh From the Freezer Cooking Classes

October 19, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

I just found out about a new set of video cooking classes. They’re called “Fresh from the Freezer“. The hostess of the videos is Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu from One Roast Vegetable. Normally she offers paid membership cooking classes but she is offering these for free.

I’ve signed up and watched the introduction video. Shelley was engaging and fun to watch. I think I’m going to enjoy these classes. Additional classes will be offered depending upon how many people sign up.

If you’ve ever wondered about how you can get more use out of your freezer, these classes may be a good match for you. I’m not an affiliate and I’m not making any money by suggesting these video classes. I simply thought they might be helpful for anyone who eats – and I think that’s all of us. *Big grin*

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