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I Don’t Celebrate Halloween but . . .

August 31, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

I personally feel like Halloween is a pagan holiday that people who believe in the Creator and His Son should not celebrate. I know that some denominations have All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day and All Hollow’s Eve which they claim were instituted before the Samhain festivals. I don’t know which came first, but my family doesn’t celebrate on October 31. We feel it’s against the Father’s instructions so we don’t do it.

I know a lot of families who claim to be Christians do allow their children to dress up around October 31 for ‘Harvest Festivals’ at church. Whether you actually celebrate the holiday or not, my friend Kit has created a freebie to help you choose to host a Halloween party. Of course, the great ideas in the guide will work for any type of party you choose to have, not only ones held on Halloween.

If you don’t celebrate Halloween, go ahead and take a look at the tips Kit gives. I’m pretty sure she’ll have ideas you may not have thought about when hosting a children’s party no matter what type of party it is. Here’s what Kit has to say:

Kids look forward to Halloween trick-or-treating but there comes a time when they want and need more. Unfortunately, many parents live in dread of the question that will ultimately be asked. "Can I have a Halloween party?" Kids don't understand how frightening it can be for a parent to even think of having twenty or so kids in their home, never mind worrying about the food, providing fun activities, and the supervision that goes along with hosting a Halloween party, or any other party for that matter.

It can be a lot of work. However, with the right help, hosting a Halloween can actually be fun...even for parents! Here are 7 Halloween Party Tips to help take the fear out and put the fun into throwing a Halloween or any other type of party. You can grab this freebie by clicking on this link:

7 Halloween Party Tips (323)

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