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Book Review: Storm Warning by Billy Graham

July 7, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Anyone who is a Christian, and many who are not, have heard of the evangelist Billy Graham. He has been used of God in ministry to millions around the world. This book, Storm Warning, however speaks to more than one’s spiritual circumstance. It addresses the problems we’re facing as a nation – questions which can only be answered in the pages of the Bible.

This book delves into Biblical prophecy and addresses what will happen in the End Times. Many people are interested in this topic because it seems some prophetic events are happening on a daily basis. With the changes occurring so quickly, Graham wrote this book to help those who are seeking guidance for the uncertain future ahead.

The book doesn’t go into depth into the entire book of Revelation but it does provide some insight into the first six chapters of the book. I appreciated the fact that Graham looked

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