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What a blessing!

June 11, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

I attended the “3 P’s in a Pod for Christian Women: Prayer, Purpose, Passion” with Beth Jones today. What a blessing!

I would like to say I normally put things I learn at webinars, particularly Christian ones, into practice right away. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been my normal course of action. I love to learn new things but my follow-through leaves much to be desired. However, there were a few things Beth said that hit home.

One thing she said is that the Father gives us the desires of our hearts. I’ve always heard that, but I’ve often wondered if it’s true. I’ve come to believe that it’s not necessarily that the Father allows us to have the things we long for, but that He puts the desires into our hearts – desires that mesh with His perfect will for our lives. As a word of advice, Beth suggested writing down our dreams. That’s one thing I’m going to do.

I have often heard there is power in our words – both spoken and written – and I need to begin acting like I believe that to be true. Not only do I need to be more careful about the words I say but I also need to be more careful about the words I write. I want what I have to say to be words of life and hope which can lead others to the throne of grace where our Father lives.

I want to thank Beth for her webinar. It was truly a blessing to be a part of it. May the Father bless you.

You can find out more about Beth Jones at www.bethjones.net. Go ahead and take a look around her website, I think it will be an encouragement to you! Have a great weekend!


One Response to “What a blessing!”
  1. Beth Jones says:

    Mara, it was a blessing to have you there! Thanks so much for your “techie” knowledge help and for your encouragement and participation! I like what you said about our desires “meshing” with God’s will. Amen! I have enjoyed browsing your site today! I was curious about the ghostwriting.I have friends who do that. Is the pay good? Do you have fast deadlines?

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