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Friendships for Grown Ups by Lisa Welchel Book Review

June 8, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

I’ve been a fan of Lisa Welchel’s for quite some time. She has been a great role model for young women when there weren’t many to be found. Therefore, I was thrilled to be sent her book “Friendship for Grown-ups” to review by BookSneeze.

This book poignantly describes how Ms. Welchel struggled to have real, meaningful friendships as she grew up. She explains why she built walls around herself – mainly for protection – and how God was able to break down those walls. It was a journey that I’m sure was painful at the time, but one she is obviously glad she made.

I found myself relating to some of the things she faced as a young woman who loved God. I cried along with her as she struggled with learning to make real, meaningful friendships. I understood her desire to be known for who she is and yet still loved. Her journey, and the lessons she learned along the way, are inspirational as well as heart-felt. The lessons were clearly well-learned as she was able to give “Practical Steps for Developing and Growing Friendships” at the end of her book.

Not only did Ms. Welchel bare her heart and soul in this book, she opened the doors for others to share her journey. She encourages us to get to know ourselves, as well as develop a real, personal relationship with the God Who loves us. By doing that then we’ll be able to open ourselves up to other friendships. The journey may be painful at times, but it will be so worth the time and effort.

I would highly recommend this book to others who may be having  a hard time making friends. It will be a blessing.

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