His Favorite Daughter

Summer Is Here – How’s Yours Going?

We’ve been having an interesting summer so far. It’s been rainy and that’s made it difficult to do much of anything except pray for it to stop for a day or two. We were late getting the few plants we have for the garden into the ground, but I’m hoping there’s something to show for it before too long. I’m so tired of store tomatoes; I long for a fresh tomato out of... [Read more...]

Where has the year gone already?

I know I’ve been busy earning a living, but this is crazy. Here it’s almost April 15 and I don’t remember where the time went. I pray everyone is healthy and having a great year.

Well, it’s been a while again

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I work from home. I used to write exclusively, but for about two years I’ve been a virtual assistant. It keeps me pretty busy and so I haven’t been able to update very often. It looks like I will be doing a little more writing, though. Some friends of mine need some help, so I’m glad that I can help them. It’ll be good to write again. Of... [Read more...]

How has your summer beein going?

It’s hard to believe the end of July is already upon us. The summer is zooming past and I don’t recall having any fun yet. Of course, I work from home which often means longer hours than a “traditional” job where you clock in and clock out and then get to leave at the end of your shift. I was hoping we’d get to take a vacation this year, do something fun with the kiddos,... [Read more...]

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year things seemed to be fairly “normal,” whatever that is. This year, at least weather-wise, things are totally different. We had an early spring and one that was relatively wet. Now, since the beginning of June, it has been extremely hot and dry. In fact, it’s been in the upper 90s for about a week, sometimes reaching over 100. These are August or September temperatures! How... [Read more...]